At Vivid Nail Salon, our No.1 menu item is our Calgel (organic gel) which offers safe, long lasting reinforcement to your nails. Alongside this, our Calgel and Gradient art using Swarovski stone are also very popular. Using refined techniques, our staff exercise the utmost care in providing the best service, to fit with each customer’s lifestyle.


Since it’s opening in 1998, ViViD Nail Academy has become the most experienced Nail School in Sydney, cultivating many professional nail technicians every year. As well as teaching precise techniques expected from professional nail technicians, we conduct lessons on how to interact with customers. Since we construct a timetable and curriculum whilst consulting each student, it is possible to learn at your own pace. Furthermore, even when outside lesson hours, our teachers will do their best to answer any questions you may have. Our academy will support you in becoming an active professional nail technician.


The team at ViviD Nail Academy are incredibly professional and encouraging.
Learning from a team of perfectionists was amazing and helped me to develop
my skills in a short amount of time.
I loved the experience and learnt so much from all of staff.


I have been coming to ViViD Nail Salon for the past 11years. In that time always I have found the girls to be helpful and caring at all times.
They make me feel pampered and very special at every visit.
What I like about the salon is that it is very clean and hygienic and is visible and on display so you can see what is happening all the time.
I am always confident that I will leave happy and satisfied after each appointment.

Lorraine Bensun

“I love going to Vivid Nail Salon, it is actually the only place I go in Sydney. I usually see Sumi and I trust in how she takes care of my natural nails. I always get fun and funky nail art done and later get the best compliments on my nails. Would recommend to anyone who has been looking for a nail salon. Thanks Vivid for all the great sets, see.”

Heather Singleton

Vivid Nail Salon is a hidden gem!
I love being able to make an appointment. The staff are wonderful and very proud of the service they provide and the end result is always fantastic.

Carolyn Howand

I have been visiting Vivid for more than a year. I like the gel product used, nail art, quality application & how the staff are knowledgeable about nails.

Alana Wong

Vivid Nail Salon is the best find ever. I’ve been having my nails (Shellac & Calgel), pedicures and eyelash perming done there since 2010 (when they were Nail Salon KoKo) and have not had one complaint. The salon is clean and bright with music playing softly in the background. The ladies are warm and friendly, and I cannot speak highly enough of their fantastic service. They take the time and effort to ensure the end product is perfect instead of rushing you out the door like many other places. I always look forward to my fortnightly visits and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Michelle Chang

I am so glad to have found Vivid Nail Salon using the Japanese Version of Gel Nail Polish !
Finally my nails are getting stronger, healthy and longer by the day.

I had tried everything! Normal Nail Polish obviously doesn’t last long enough. Gel Nail Polish seemed a great option until I saw my nails being destroyed and breaking shorter from weakness. Then my first acrylic nail set looked so beautiful that I thought to have finally found the holy grail of nails. But within months my nails became even weaker and horrible looking when the acrylics came off, then the lack of hygiene at a nail salon caused a fungal infection under my acrylics, so things were only getting worse.

I decided to google cleanliness and hygiene in nail salons and for some reason Vivid Nails came up. As soon as my nails were fungus free but still very weak I started visiting Vivid Nails for my first Calgel polish and I haven’t looked back. I had almost forgotten what it was like to have normal, strong and naturally long nails.

Sumi and the girls are all absolutely lovely to deal with and take the utmost care with from start to finish. They take their time to carefully prepare your nails without mechanical tools and really do their best every time.

I had to get used to the idea of having to book an appointment. But this nail salon runs better than a doctor’s practice as they are always on time, no waiting around.

Thanks Vivid Nails, I will recommend you to all my friends (and then hope you will still have time for me)


Latest News

We will be temporarily relocating to 199 Clarence Street

Notice: Closure of Menzies Arcade and ViViD Nail Salon Dear Valued Customers, Menzies Arcade management has officially announced the closure of the venue on 31 October 2016. This closure was scheduled for the end of December. Although with such short notice, we were...

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◇Calgel Monthly Special ◇Feburary 2016

February2016 $105 increase the favourability at workplace with the cute office nails $115 perfect for Valentines! Love heart French nail!!! $125 gradation with purple red and hand painted delicate flowers, chic nails☆ Foot $105 with ethnic nails, enjoy the...

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Calgel monthly special*Jan 2016

January2016 By choosing one of the design below and get free removal($30) The colour could be changed with your preference! $105 office nail art! Simple yet sparkle sophisticated design $115 cute design with the image of perfume bottle★ $125 two colours V French with...

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Calgel special December 2015

December2015 $105 orange and pink flat gel art with silver flakes $115 summer nails! Ocean blue with cute shell studs $125 Christmas $105ザックリ描いたオレンジ×ピンクのフラットアート $115ターコイズブルーとホワイトにシェルを合わせて常夏に! $125ネイビーとゴールドでゴージャスなXmasに!...

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November Calgel Monthly Special!

November2015 $105 exotic nail design with energetic colour and glitter $125 smoky blue gives the mature looking into the cute flower pattern $135 perfect for the Summer season, very popular Morocco nails

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Bi coloured Nail Art 0004

【No.0004】Bi-colour nails with fresh pastel colours. Cute design for short nails♪爽やかなバイカラーを使いワンカラーで仕上げたシンプル可愛いネイル♪...

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Calgel hand painted roses with rich winter colours. It is a mature sexy looking nail...

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October Calgel art SPECIAL★

calgel monthly special☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ $105 Halloween is coming! Why not try the Halloween nail art! $115 white and gold is perfect combination for summer with tanned skin!! $125 elegant hand painted flower nail with nude colour♪...

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(02) 9279-1116
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Mon-Wed, Fri:10:00-19:00
Sunday &Public Holidays Closed


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